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  • Q: What's up with this funny background of the web site?
    A: The background has been updated, but was originally created when I was still playing around with CSS and learning how to use it for different effects. The backround used to show a number of symbols that was important to New Development at some stage, a computer screen, symbolizing our use of technology, an older version of the New Development logo, a lock and set of lock-picks, indicating our view of science (and biomimetics) as the process of reverse engineering the great designs of the Creator.
  • Q: Is there any specific significance to the New Development logo?
    A: The logo shows a newly germinated plant breaking through hard and barren soil, cracking open the soil surface in the process. In the same way New Development is to be always new and disruptive of old and dead traditions and technologies. The name on the logo says that it is about new technological development, but also about a new spiritual development.

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