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Chavoux Luyt, the founder of New Development Technologies, has a BSc degree in Computer Science and Zoology and a MSc in Conservation Ecology (Nature Conservation). For his masters he used geographic computer models to predict habitat preferences of the Bontebok. He is currently doing his PhD on human-wildlife conflict on Namibian farmlands. His experience includes[1]:

  • Geographic Information Systems (Used in MSc research project).
  • Installation and use of different Linux distributions.
  • Programming custom Production Management System, running on Windows and Linux using Delphi, Lazarus and PostgreSQL database.
  • Embedded programming on a number of different hardware devices (RFID readers, IP cameras etc.) using A51 assembler, C, C++, TINI Java, and embedded linux shell scripts.
  • C, C++ and Delphi programming on Windows Platform.
  • Web programming using C# ASP.NET and MS SQL Server.
  • Livestock Farming.
  • Human-wildlife conflict involving predators (including tracking predators, identification of predator kills, Livestock Guarding Dogs).
  • Rangeland mananagement and carrying capacity.

2007 picture of Chavoux"Before finishing my MSc and starting work in IT, I was a farm manager on a cattle farm for 4 years, building the farm from running at a loss to the point where we became profitable. Using computers as a tool for livestock breeding and general farm management taught me how to find practical and affordable software solutions to different problems.

Before starting New Development I had some bad experiences having to use tools that were not a good fit for the problem at hand. This lead me to a firm belief in using the right tool for the right job and actively learning more programming languages. Many software companies use only a single language or programming tool. This can lead to a situation where something that should be a small job (if the right tool were used) becomes a major enterprize, which translates into late delivery of a buggy product.

In 2011 I joined the Cape Leopard Trust as Coordinator for their Namaqualand Project. Since the end of 2012 I had been involved as assistant researcher with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia and currently I am doing my PhD on predator ecology and human-wildlife conflict in Namibia with the University of Stellenbosch. This involves research on Human-Wildlife Conflict on Namibian farms. One of the main expected outputs of this research project is a Decision Support System (DSS) for helping farmers and managers decide on the "best" method for preventing livestock losses in their specific circumstances. New Development will host this web application as one of our products for helping farmers manage predators on their land.

My personal interests include all aspects of physical and computer security, Open Source Software, Embedded and Computer programming, Ecology, Animal behaviour, Mimetics (using nature to help solve engineering problems), Guitar, Biblical Archeology, Mountain climbing and hiking, Self defence systems and seeking a personal relationship with God in everyday life. For me, my relationship with God is both a reason to live and the most important motivation to look well after His wonderful creation."



[1] See also my full CV.

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