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Having experience in both low-level programming of embedded devices and high-level programming of SQL databases, desktop and web interfaces, we at New Development have learned to adapt different approaches and methodology for software development. For customized internal software a modified agile XP software engineering methodology is used. A project is broken up into small, mostly independent modules, each of which can be tested and installed by itself. In practice, this means that projects are quoted and payed per module instead of all in one lump sum. If the requirements change so that a certain module is no longer needed, it can be left out, or replaced with another module to meet possible client requirements that were not part of the original project requirements with no extra cost to the client. This ensures that our software fit real-life client requirements without going over budget.

Because software is delivered by module, the client can be sure that the project requirements are met when the final module is delivered. This avoids the situation where a project takes months or years and the final product turns out to be not what the client really needs. At the same time, user training can occur gradually as each module is delivered or at the convenience of the client, instead of a single crash course after the final product is delivered.

Watch this space... we are currently working on a Decision Support System for farmers and land managers to help with predator conflict... and more.

If you have experience in Ruby or Python and would like to work with us, please . If you need customized software for your organization, or are already working on new technology that could be used for conservation and farming, and would like to collaborate with us, feel free to contact us.


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