How can we serve together?

We fully realize that our vision is too great for one person or even a small start-up like New Development. We need your help to fulfill our mission through various projects, some of which are for-profit and others non-profit. You or your organization/company can choose to become involved in different ways in the overall New Development organization and more than one project or only in specific projects that best fit your area of expertise or interest.

We are currently looking for the following:

  • Co-founders: If you are an individual, passionate about our vision and have any skills that you believe can be useful in making it reality, please contact us. We are specifically looking for engineers, wildlife managers, missionaries, farmers and other entrepreneurs (specifically with expertise in marketing).
  • Partner non-profit organizations: If you are a non-profit organization or company who share our vision, who have expertise in one of the disciplines with which we need help to make our mission into reality, we would like to partner with you. Contact us to partner on one or more of our projects or activities.
  • Investors: If you are an individual or company who can invest expertise or money into one of our for-profit projects in exchange for shares or profit-sharing in the project's eventual profits, please contact us. However, keep in mind that on principle, all New Development intellectual property (IP) will be Open Source.
  • Joint venture companies: If you have a company who would like to partner with us as a joint venture in one of our new projects, but without actually having shares, you can also contact us. This would be a better fit for those companies who do not want their part of the the project's IP be Open Source.
  • Volunteers: If you are an individual who wish to help us reach the New Development goals by donating time or expertise, please contact us.
  • Donors: If you want to donate money to specific not-for-profit projects or activities, you can contact us, or use paypal.
  • Prayer partners: If you commit to pray regularly for the work and would like to be kept up to date with the progress, please contact us.
  • Board members: If you share the vision, but really do not have the time to invest full- time in New Development, and would still like to share your experience or expertise in helping us stay on course towards our vision, please contact us.


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