Saving the world?

Humankind is fast destroying the world. In spite of their best efforts, current conservation efforts are not succeeding in turning this around. Talk is not enough. New Developoment is a Christian non-profit movement who believes that a new approach is needed. Together with individuals and organizations who share our vision, New Development embodies a new approach to conservation and stewardship, knowing that one day we will all give account to the Creator of the universe for how we treated his creation.

How we are attacking this issue:

  • Our vision: Where do we want to be? See if you share this vision.
  • Our mission: Our principles and strategies for a new approach to managing the earth.
  • Why?: Why do we believe this is the right approach to prevent biodiversity loss?
  • Projects: Current developments and future planned projects.
  • Products: What do we offer already?
  • Get involved: How can we help you to be involved in saving the world?
  • FAQ: As we get questions and queries, this is where they will be answered.
  • Resources: Articles and links to more information.
  • Contact us: Who we are and how to contact us. Ask your questions here.


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