Products, consulting and services

While focusing on the Kingdom vision we have received, we provide our various clients with products and tools, not-for-profit training and income-generating consulting services that help us to reach these goals.


We have written a few Cybertracker sequences for Android devices with GPS and camera so far. All these apps work by having CyberTracker installed on your computer and then connecting the Android or Windows mobile device (older versions) to the computer by USB. The required sequence is then loaded onto the Android device and can be used to record spoor tracking and geospatial information in the veld. Afterwards, the data is downloaded back to the PC and can then be seen on a map or in an Excel spreadsheet. These apps include:

  • A reserve management application with an emphasis on collecting spoor tracking data. Used for collecting the Farming with Predator project spoor tracking data. The latest version can be used to collect spoor pictures that can be used in Footprint Identification Technology (FIT) analysis.
  • A full Farm management system based on the Nambian Agricultural Union (NLU) data requirements.
  • A smaller and simpler Predator Management system that can be used among other things, to identify and record the species of predator that has killed a specific livestock animal, taking the farmer through the process step by step. Especially for farmers who want photographic proof of livestock losses to predators and to keep book of how many and where livestock have been killed.
Please contact us for training or support in using these tools.


In our training we emphasize teaching by example. This means that we walk the walk and do not only talk the talk. We keep each other honest through encouraging accountability to the Lord. Discipleship means to follow Jesus daily. Training people in discipleship means that we model a daily relationship with God and help other to have a similar relationship of obedience to Him. The different types of training we provide:

  • Wilderness Camps with training in various veld craft skills, in the knowledge and experience of the Lord and discipleship. This is mostly aimed at young people and will usually be organised together with one or more churches.
  • Model farm(s) where sustainable farming methods are used. This is specifically meant for farmers to visit and convince themselves that at least some of these methods are working. While we do not yet have our own farm, we know a number of farmers who are trying different methods and can organise a training visit.
  • We will give volunteers who join us the opportunity learn more about how to follow Messiah in practice over longer periods than a wilderness camp. They will be trained well enough to be able to start and run wilderness camps of their own.
  • We provide training to farmer's associations and conservancies on predator management and human-wildlife conflict.
  • We provide training to land managers on the ecological foundations of sustainable management and conservation farming, including things like grazing management and sustainable stocking rates and the role of various predators in the eco-system.
  • We provide training in the use of existing Open Source software like Linux or specific software tools, like our CyberTracker applications.
  • We have given training in tracking, training Livestock Guarding Dogs and using CyberTracker to "Eco-Rangers", who are basically livestock herders who record their own movements on the farm, as well as that of the livestock and any predator tracks they see. Similar training can be given to other farm labourers involved in protecting livestock from predators.


We can provide solutions for specific software or ecological managment requirements of clients. This would include:

  • Solving a specific software or hardware design problem (using designs found in nature).
  • We can help clients with old computers to redeploy them using Linux, thus reducing computer waste through reuse.
  • We write software for clients who want software to solve specific issues in or improve the efficiency of their business processes.
  • Farmers or conservancies wanting advice on specific predator problems not answered by our software tools, or on the details of implementing a certain method, can contact us for a consultation.
  • We also do consulting as subcontractors for other organizations or businesses or as joint ventures.



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