The Vision

Our vision: Back to Jerusalem:

  • Inviting people to be changed by Jesus Christ, from South Africa through Africa, all the way back to Jerusalem
  • resulting in people from all nations living out their responsiblity as stewards of this world
  • under the Kingship of Jesus Christ
  • resulting in at least half of the land area being protected
  • and at least 85% of our current species richness surviving into the future.

Change start in ourselves, and we believe that the time has come to do and demonstrate, rather than talk. We invite people to join us in our work as stewards of the Most High God. We strive to be faithful citizens and stewards in the Kingdom of Messiah as it is being established on earth like in heaven. We pray that our lives will be changed to be a light shining in the darkness of this world full of destructive and evil behaviour of all kinds. That we will be prepared for our future role as rulers in His eternal Kingdom through being trustworthy stewards of the earth He has given us. Protecting his creation from destruction, we aim for preserving at least 85% of living species (which will need 50% of the current land habitat to be protected), as our part in his Kingdom. For more on why we have this vision, see our motivation. For more on how we approach this task and the principles on which New Development is based, see our mission.


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